This apple is 70% red against a yellow background. It is ready for picking at the same time as the Ginger Gold, a few days after the Paula Red. It is related to the popular American ‘SweeTango’ variety. The fruit is medium to large in size. It has a unique flavour … that is much […]

Wolf River

A vintage variety from 1875. The very large, attractive fruit is ready in the first week of October. The texture is somewhat mealy, with a tart apple flavour. Excellent for cooking and for cider production.



A large ruby-red crabapple. Matures in mid-September. Excellent for jelly or cider blends.


A vintage apple variety that is ready around mid-September. The tree is hardy and moderately vigorous. The fruit is red and very juicy. A very good pollinating variety.

Vista Bella 

An early-producing red apple. Medium-sized. Tart yet pleasant, it develops an unattractive waxy appearance when overripe. It is harvested at the same time as the Melba, between August 7 and 15, depending on the region. The tree is hardy and very vigorous. Shelf life is no more than a week.

Sweet Sixteen®

Sweet Sixteen

The Sweet Sixteen has surprising notes of black licorice! Maturing in late September, this apple has a relatively uniform red blush on a yellow background. The fruit is large. The green-tinted, creamy flesh is sweet and crunchy. The tree is moderately vigorous, very erect and tends to produce biennially. Load control is therefore required. The […]



From the Summerland Research Station in British Columbia. Sunrise is a large, attractive fruit. Its pale yellow background is striped with mottled pink and red on 50% of the surface. The flesh is creamy white, juicy, firm and crisp. The flavour is sweet, with little tartness. The fruit is ready in late August. This early […]



Widely grown in Quebec. Appreciated for its crunchiness, its sweet, aromatic flavour and the wine-red hue that covers 80 to 100% of the fruit. Fruit is medium to large. Popular among cider makers for its high sugar content. The tree is hardy and much less susceptible to scab than the McIntosh. It is vigorous and […]



A strain of Yellow Delicious. Ripens around October 10. Large fruit. Very firm, juicy and flavourful. When exposed to the sun, it develops a pink blush at full ripeness. Adds sweetness to juice recipes. As with all Delicious strains, it is not very hardy.


A yellow apple. Ripens around September 10. Susceptible to bruising. This crisp, juicy apple has a relatively short shelf life of approximately one month between harvest and consumption. Very enjoyable on the palate, its silky skin and pleasing aromas make it a welcome discovery as a U-Pick variety.