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About Pépinière Rochon, Inc.

Following in the footsteps of his father Robert Rochon, who obtained his first fruit tree propagation permit in 1944, Marcel founded Pépinière Rochon in 1996. The nursery specializes exclusively in the propagation of apple trees for Quebec apple producers. From its modest beginnings with an annual production of 5,000 trees to its current volume of 90,000 trees per year, the nursery has proudly produced more than a million apple trees since its founding.

Jean-Marc, the current president of the nursery, studied horticulture at the Saint-Hyacinthe institute of agri-food technology from 1997 to 2000. In order to further his knowledge of plant propagation—a subject he is passionate about—he completed a summer internship at the Boerboom nursery in Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford in 1998. This was followed by a second internship at the Lafond nursery in Provence in 1999.


Founding of the nursery


Upon his arrival on the family farm in 2000, Jean-Marc took over the nursery’s field production, which numbered nearly 20,000 apple trees a year at the time.


The annual production of the nursery, which was still growing and gaining in popularity, increased to 30,000 trees.


In 2011, Jean-Marc won first prize in the Financière Agricole du Québec’s “Tournez-Vous Vers l’Excellence!” contest. The contest recognizes Quebec’s most promising young farmers.


In 2013, a controlled-atmosphere warehouse was built to optimize the apple trees’ dormancy period before their springtime planting in apple growers’ fields.


An annual total of 100,000 rootstocks were imported from France, Holland and the U.S.


Two of our key employees retired. Thank you, Bertrand and Danielle!


Integration of a new team at the nursery following a transition to a reliable, hard-working foreign workforce.


Driven by the same passion as always, the Pépinière Rochon team plans to take their business to the next level through the construction of a greenhouse complex and the introduction of S-Sep® apple trees.

The Team

Marcel Rochon


Our company founder, who one day decided to grow his small nursery into a large-scale enterprise. Nowadays, he plays more of a background role, but his advice is more than appreciated.

Jean-Marc Rochon


Master of all projects, passionate since day one, Jean-Marc performed his first grafts at the age of 12 (with an impressive scar on his thumb to prove it). Since his arrival, he has been the embodiment of the company’s next-generation dynamism.

Céline Rochon


Long considered the nursery’s “right-hand,” she has personally grafted over a million apple trees. Following a successful career, she continues to make her rounds to check on the evolution of our production.

Vincent Rochon


In charge of the nursery’s sister company Vergers Rochon, Inc., Vincent is our reliable go-to guy for major planting and pulling operations.

Edwin, Marlon, Alex, Luis, Jean-Marc, Vincent, Céline, Marcel, M.Bernard Carrière (Mentor) Jarrinson, Selvin et Carlos

Our Team

Edwin, Marlon, Alex, Luis, Jean-Marc, Vincent, Céline, Marcel, M.Bernard Carrière (Mentor) Jarrinson, Selvin et Carlos.