Pépinière Rochon

Apple Trees



One-year-old trees, bench grafted.

Essentially whips with little or no side branching. Excellent transplant recovery, yet vulnerable to competition from weeds. They require staking, thorough weed control and adequate irrigation.



Two-year-old trees, table grafted.

These trees were cut back before their second growing season to promote side branching at an ideal height for fruit production (more than 100 cm above the ground). Larger root systems, healed graft unions and sturdier trunks. Staking is nevertheless required. Adequate irrigation and a wide area of weed suppression are also necessary.

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Potted Super Scion

*New for 2023* The S-Sep® apple tree is grafted in February, then potted and placed in the greenhouse in March. From March to September, it remains in a state of active vegetative growth, much like apple trees in Italy or the American West. In November, it is removed from the greenhouse and stored in a climate-controlled cellar, where it remains dormant for the winter at a temperature of 0°C-1°C. The following spring, it is ready for delivery. One of the main advantages of this process is the preservation of the root system. Rather than arriving with bare roots, the apple tree will have a root ball enclosed in a biodegradable paper membrane. The root ball will have a diameter of 4” and be 9.5” high.