More than a million trees produced... and counting!

Pépinière Rochon

For more than 25 years, we have specialized in the propagation of apple trees for Canadian apple producers.

More than 50 Varieties

Pépinière Rochon works with over 50 apple cultivars to produce more than 90,000 trees each year. We have the flavour you’re looking for!

A Family Business Since 1996

Following in the footsteps of his father Robert Rochon, who obtained his first fruit tree propagation permit in 1944, Marcel founded Pépinière Rochon in 1996. The nursery specializes exclusively in the propagation of apple trees for Quebec apple producers.

Our Apples

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McIntosh “Pioneer Mac”

Honey Crisp

Honey Crisp™

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Royal Court

Royal Court™



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Jersey Mac

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Roxbury Russet

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When you’re ready, we’re ready!

The best time to place an order … was last year. But the next best time to place an order is now! When you’re ready, we’ll be ready! If what you’re looking for is not in stock, rest assured that it will be custom prepared. Ideally, plants should be ordered a year or two in advance, keeping in mind that the grafting season takes place from February to April.